about us

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) owned and operated by Directors with experience of social care, frontline Social Work practice and 25 years of fostering expertise. 


At least 65% of our profits will be channelled into activities that have a social impact and charitable status. Our aspiration is that the financial success of the company will positively impact on the lives of children in our care, whilst rewarding staff and Carers for their commitment. In addition to enabling cash strapped local authorities to feel assured that the money they are spending on our service is being ethically invested in causes important to them. 


Fortitude Fostering seeks to simplify the process of becoming a foster carer, using training and a unique package of support to build resilience in carers, whilst pushing the boundaries of practice in order to accommodate the needs of children by initiative and creative means. We believe we can do this ethically in our own exceptional way!